Generating sales leads on the Internet

The internet has become a part of our lives. It has become the necessary tool especially for business organizations around the world. Internet marketing has made it possible for many businesses to strategically position their brands.

What is internet marketing?

It is simply marketing your business using the internet as a platform to reach your customers. There various parts of internet marketing when it comes to generating leads for a business. There is the pay-per-click where an advertiser pays to advertise on, Bing and Yahoo just to mention a few.

This method though useful is not that cheap these day. The cost of a click can be so high depending on the keyword the advertiser is targeting. For example, keyword like “internet marketing” can cost a minimum of $3.00 on If the competition for the keyword is high the one would have to bid higher to get their adverts showing or placing high on the first page of

Search Engine Optimization

There is others who prefer to go the other way. Thus using SEO. SEO is search engine Optimization. This is done by optimizing your website to show up in the free search. This way, a website owner can end up getting a lot of free traffic to his website which will translate to more leads and sales.

This is the method that a new company in Accra Ghana called Accra SEO is specializing in to get businesses get more leads through the internet. Today, many young people in Africa are using the internet to make informed decisions about their purchases. This has become possible because of the availability of mobile phone technology.

To capture this young consumers it means businesses have to take internet marketing very serious especially SEO to get more client. Businesses who fail to take advantage of this unique but necessary platform face the risk of being left behind in the market.

Though, it requires a bit of investment, to take advantage of Google free search the payoff can be huge for any business that gets it right. There are some very good in agency who are experts in the field – like Accra SEO that can assist you.

Google Adwords

Alternatively, business can go the other way by using the google adverting platform to generate leads. The business own can decide to use the agency or do it by themselves. Google adwords is a very simple process to use and anyone who has basic knowledge of how to use a computer can get the hang of it in a few minute of trying it out.